Friday, October 14, 2022

The Houdini Experience in Salem

The Houdini Experience featuring Master Mentalist Jon Stetson opens today at Emerson Hall Theater in Salem, Massachusetts. The show is in partnership with the Salem Haunted Magic Show and runs through Halloween. Below are details.

Join us in Salem for an evening of intelligent, Interactive, Halloween Hijinks! Throughout this 75 minute engaging performance you will experience the spirit of Houdini and the secrets he tried so desperately to take to his grave. Jon Stetson will guide you into the mysteries surrounding the life & death of America’s first master showman. Will Houdini’s secrets be revealed?

A 1/6th scale working reproduction of Houdini's Walking Through a Brick Wall will play a part in the show. Here's a peek courtesy of producer Chris Bolter.

You can book tickets to The Houdini Experience via the official website. You can also follow the show on Facebook.

Thanks to Christopher Bolter.

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