Monday, June 13, 2011

The card trick that fooled Houdini

Here's master magician Steve Cohen demonstrating the "card trick that stumped the great Harry Houdini." By the way, Steve was trained in magic by his uncle who claimed to have trained under Houdini.

You can read more at Steve Cohen's Chamber Magic Blog.


  1. Very nice technique. Very clean. Beautiful. Nice to see a relaxed magician.

  2. Houdini would not have been fooled by the Double Lift because I recall reading in a book years before he was the handcuff king, he wrote about it.

    I think what fooled him was that when Vernon turned the card over and took Houdini's signed card off of it, the next card was still face down. If it was a Double Lifted, then this card also would be face up.

    There was no such thing a a double facer. Vernon probably just glued two cards together. And for good measure, I bet this card was shaved to be shorter.

    Vernon would know that Houdini would watch closely at any tell tale sign of any kind of get ready move. With the short card and double facer, Houdini would not even suspect something so simple could have been used.



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