Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Houdini among the Luminaries

Some new Houdini fiction has been released. Luminaries by Timothy M. Brenner is an "an alternate history mystery-thriller set in the early 1930's" that finds Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hired by the British Government to track down a serial killer who murdered a member of the Royal Family.

Conan Doyle, "who has the ability to touch objects and ascertain their history", travels to the United States to enlist the aid of Houdini, "a master of telekinesis," and Orson Welles, "who is gifted with the power of mental telepathy." Conan Doyle and Houdini "put aside their differences and work together for the greater good, but not without friction."

It looks like Luminaries is currently only available as a Kindle eBook from Amazon.com.


  1. At least he's not a vampire.

  2. I did 'fudge' the timeline to be able to use the main characters I wanted. I knew going into it that Houdini had died in 1926, and Conan Doyle in 1930. Since it's an alternate history (fiction), I decided to extend their lives a little. Hopefully the story is still enjoyable to readers despite the obvious changes in the timeline.

    -Timothy M. Brenner

  3. Thank you for the comment, Timothy. I'm thrilled you found my blog and honored that you'd post here. :)

    Hey, I have no problem with a fudged timeline. It's fiction. And I like the idea of Houdini in the '30s.