Saturday, June 18, 2011

Harry Houdini from Hameray

Hameray Publishing Group has released Harry Houdini: The Great Escape Artist by Glora D. Miklowitz.

Part of the Hameray Biography Series, this 40 page book is "specifically written to meet the needs of reluctant readers in grades 3-8 while matching social studies curriculum. The books are written for students reading at least two levels below their grade."

The book is nicely done with many photos credited to Corbis and Getty. Some minor errors and myths do find their way into the text. The only really egregious error is that Bess is called Bess Raymond instead of Rahner throughout (Bessie occasionally used "Raymond" as a professional name during their early years). But, overall, this is a very fine mini bio for new readers, and it's great to see Houdini join the Hameray Biography Series lineup.

Harry Houdini: The Great Escape Artist can be purchsed from the Hameray website and Amazon.

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