Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The pitchbook project

Houdini and handcuff collector John Bushey is taking on the mighty task of documenting EVERY Houdini pitchbook in all their variations. John intends to publish the information in a book. With this in mind, he's asking his fellow collectors for help in making this THE definitive guide to Houdini pitchbooks. In particular, John is looking for information on:

  • Russian pitchbook, 1903.
  • America's Sensational Perplexer, 1903 pink cover.
  • Life History and Handcuff Secrets of Houdini, 1914 revised ed. salmon color cover.
  • Magic Made Easy, 16 page edition.
  • Handcuff Tricks Exposed (there are at least two editions he knows he doesn't have).

If you have these or ANY Houdini pitchbook you think John should know about, contact him at bushey61@cpinternet.com with the word pitchbook in the subject. John is seeking the title, a date if there is one, how many pages, size in height and width to nearest 1/4, and an image if possible.

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