Thursday, February 13, 2014

Alan Davies goes in search of Houdini

UK comedian and personality Alan Davies will go in search of Houdini as part of ITV's Perspectives documentary series in Spring 2014. Here's a description from the ITV website:

Alan Davies on Houdini

Having had a huge fascination with the world of magic since he was four-years-old, Alan Davies explores the extraordinary life of illusionist and stunt performer, Harry Houdini, the man who against the odds became one of the most successful entertainers in the world.

In a bid to understand why Houdini felt compelled to perform such terrifying death defying acts, Alan tries to hold his breath under ice cold water, lies on a bed of nails, gets strung upside down in a straitjacket and takes an exclusive look at David Copperfield's priceless collection of Houdini artifacts in Vegas. Directed by Louise Hooper for What Larks!

Davies recently told Native Monster, "I’m filming a documentary about Houdini for ITV. He’s someone I’ve always been interested in, so when they approached me asking if I wanted to present a show about him - I jumped at the chance!"

Perspectives airs on ITV in the UK. Hopefully there will be a way for those of us in the U.S. to see this documentary as well.


  1. Alan will be wearing my replica Mirror Cuffs in the London Hippodrome segment.

    I was there to supervise, but I won’t be seen on screen, unfortunately.

  2. You can watch the documentary using a torrent download client. Here's the link to the torrent: It was aired yesterday. I'm downloading it now, hope it's good. Enjoy the video.