Thursday, February 13, 2014

Italian 'Houdini' DVD includes 'The Man From Beyond'

Golem Video has released an Italian "Special Edition" DVD of the 1953 Paramount classic Houdini (Il Mago Houdini), which also includes Houdini's silent feature, The Man From Beyond. This was released in December of last year. Pretty cool!

This is a Region 2 DVD so it will not play on most U.S. players. But the true appeal here is that it's a Special Edition. I have long hoped to see Paramount Home Video release a Houdini Special Edition DVD with some extras like this, but that has yet to happen.

Il Mago Houdini can be purchased direct from the Italian, or from the U.S. via third party.

Click here to read more about Paramount's classic Houdini.

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