Friday, February 14, 2014

Going down with Houdini

This weekend I'll share the largely untold story of Houdini's 1914 overboard box escape off New York's Battery Park. It's wild stuff.

"...I recall the moment of my discovery that the ropes had become entangled and I was face to face with the dreaded one chance of the thousand."

See you back here this weekend as we go down with Houdini.

UPDATE: Because of the unexpected appearance of the Houdini miniseries preview, I'm pushing this to Sunday. Let's hope Harry can hold his breath!


  1. This will hit later today/tonight. I want to make sure people see the Entertainment Weekly story that hit late last night.

  2. This photo is obviously from the same time and location as the colorized photo we saw earlier. Somebody in an upper section must have caught Houdini's attention.

    I also noticed maybe 2 or 3 African-Americans standing in the back near the lifesaver. My eyes were so focused on Houdini that I almost missed them. They appear to be in some kind of animated discussion and never suspecting they would be captured on film for posterity.