Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Superlove Starsky is Houdini

It's been a while since I posted anything about my favorite Houdini biopic and guilty pleasure, The Great Houdinis. So here's a page from the December 1976 issue of 16 Magazine promoting this TV movie as only a fan mag can. You gotta love the copy: "Tune in now as Superlove 'Starsky' shows you he can be lots more than just your fave cop on the beat." Indeed.

For those of you who are actually closer to age 16, know that Paul Michael Glaser was popular at this time for the character he played on the ABC cop series, Starsky & Hutch, hence the reference to his character. Where "Superlove" comes from, I have no idea. Still...

Eat your heart out, Adrien Brody.


  1. I think this stands out as the best Houdini treatment to date. The script is knowledgeable and pretty accurate.

  2. "Superlove" might be an error and meant for Hutch. Possibly nickname given to him by Huggy Bear..... I digress....let's get back on track.....great pic.

  3. I still remember the "Scholastic books" ad for the novelization they passed out in class with the following memorable, but paraphrased, blurb; "Were his powers from his one true love, or was he the greatest magician of all time?"