Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Man From Beyond color lobby card lands $1,225 on eBay

An original color tinted lobby card from The Man From Beyond sold on eBay Sunday for a healthy $1,225. The auction received 21 bids. The card has serious condition issues, but that didn't seem to discourage buyers. In fact, I'm wondering if this could be a record price for an unsigned Houdini movie lobby card?

While lobby cards from Houdini's other films appear from time to time, cards from The Man From Beyond are exceedingly rare. I've only ever seen one title card with color tinting such as this, and that was a reproduction, not an original.

According to the seller, the card was found last summer among an assortment of silent film lobby cards in a box from an estate auction.

Congrats to the winner of this rarity.

Click here to read about "Houdini's rough ride" filming of The Man From Beyond at Niagara Falls.


  1. I like it. Even in it's current condition, it's really interesting.

    1. I love the color tinting. I've see B&W images of this card in the press book. Never knew that it was in color until this.

  2. Love that it is in color!
    BTW: I am aware of some Grim Game Lobby Cards selling for a lot more (e.g., A Title Lobby Card sold for $1852.25 and a Straight Jacket Lobby card sold for $2,151.00) at a 2010 Beverly Hills auction.

    1. Ah, thanks Joe. Yeah, I could see Grim Game cards being the most desirable because of the escape imagery -- and title cards are always the best. The only original lobby card I have is a Grim Game card. Might be time to share that here. :)