Monday, April 16, 2018

New Italian Margery book by Massimo Polidoro

Massimo Polidoro has a released a new book in Italian devoted to Houdini and Margery called Il mago e la strega: Indagine sulla più celebrate medium di tutti i tempi (The Magician and the Witch - An investigation on the most celebrated medium of all time).

The book includes Houdini's Margery pamphlet translated into Italian for the first time, an introduction by Massimo, my own "Margery File" posts from 2013, including my interview with Margery's great granddaughter, Anna Thurlow, and a second interview with Anna by Massimo.

A Kindle version of the book is available at and You can buy a printed edition from CICAP.



  1. I just discovered this (gold mine of a) site while researching for a paper on the spiritualist movement and Pentecostalism in the 1920s. I hope I'm not being impolite asking this here. Houdini has been a hero of mine since my long ago SYM days, and I'm hoping to highlight his significance on shaping religious thought. It appears he was extremely sensitive not to confront the religious beliefs of the faithful, but focused on the deceit of the performer at least so far as spiritualism is concerned, but I'm curious what he made of the supernatural claims of Pentecostalism. Was there ever any enounter between Houdini and a faith healer, or specifically is there any evidence that he had any contact with Aimee Semple McPherson? I'm hoping to juxtapose her with Margery if possible and hoping there might be some direct or indirect connection.

    1. Hi Thomas. Thank you. Glad you found us! :)

      There was an episode or Houdini & Doyle that featured a faith healer and I spoke a bit out Houdini's feelings in my review. Essentially, HH condemned them along with fake doctors and medicine shows in his first book, The Right Way to Do Wrong. But he never went after them the way he did fake mediums. As you say, he was very careful to not be seen as attacking religion.

      Afraid I don't have any info on Houdini and Aimee Semple McPherson. Sorry.

  2. Will this book be translated to English?