Sunday, September 8, 2019

Hardeen meets Copperfield

A historic meeting took place on Thursday as George Hardeen, grandson of Theo, met David Copperfield and toured his remarkable International Museum of the Conjuring Arts in Las Vegas. George shared a few images on his Instagram.

Also in the party was George's daughter Shonie, Allan and Becki Taylor, daughter of escapist David De-Val, and Lee Terbosic, who is prepping a special Houdini-themed show for his Pittsburgh magic theater. More on that soon.



  1. George is our tangible connection to Houdini. I wonder if the other Weiss siblings besides Hardeen had any children, but it's a good thing he got busy procreation early in his life. Houdini's parents had a lot of children but there doesn't appear to be many descendents.

  2. Although, Houdini and I, married for many decades, but have no children. we both love children very much. This can be clearly seen with t he numerous shows we both perform for thousands of children which includes those magical performances in hospitals and classes we instruct for our youth. Indeed, we have thousands of children, fans, and, many who will always "hold us in a positive light ."

  3. Very exciting. Thanks for sharing these pics. (And the bookcase looks fabulous with Houdini's books restored to it. What a feeling of time travel.)

    1. Yep--the bookcase is a thing to marvel at. Amazing that it stayed in the brownstone all these years. Bess didn't mess with it, the Bonanos didn't mess with it, and the AA fellow left it alone. It was patiently waiting for a new home, and Copperfield showed up.

    2. The real surprise is that it survived the years between the Bonannos and Fred Thomas. That's when god knows what was going on in there. I have a photo of it at that time (still in the library where HH had it) and the rest of the room is a shambles.

    3. It's saving grace may have been its sheer size and mass. It was the big gorilla in the room nobody messed with. Removing a really large piece of furniture from a house is a chore.

  4. Amazing experience to see Hardeen and Copperfield in the same room. I'm just happy I was lucky enough to be part of the group. A big thank you to David for allowing us back into his museum. The new Houdini room is amazing.


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