Friday, March 6, 2020

One last Yar

Here's a little something fun to end our week devoted to Houdini's unmade caveman epic Yar, The Primeval Man. In the early years of my Houdini obsession, I would compulsively draw Houdini. One of my masterpieces was a montage devoted to scenes from his movie work. (I recently found these while moving.) On it I included a speculative look at Houdini as Yar. Now that's a caveman!

You can read Houdini's full treatment for Yar, The Primeval Man via the links below.



  1. Cool drawing, John. How old do you think you were when you drew it?

  2. Love the drawing! (And I like that Yar shaved his quads for that true Houdini musculature!)

  3. How much would this fetch at an auction?

  4. This caveman Harry has stubble. I've only seen one photo of HH with a bit of stubble. Daily shaving must have been an unwavering ritual for him. Once a week for me.