Monday, March 23, 2020

Own an authentic brick from Houdini's 278

The owners of Houdini's New York brownstone (278) have renovated the garden level to include a new door and deck into the backyard. To accomplish this, they had to remove a window and part of a brick wall. This wall is actually visible in several images of Houdini (see below). The result is a lovely new deck and pile of bricks that would otherwise go into the trash. But this is 278!

So as they did with the wood lath last year, the owners have decided to give collectors a chance to own an authentic piece of Houdini's 278 and are offering individual bricks for sale. All proceeds will go back into the restoration. These are limited and will not last long--remember how fast the lath went--so if you are lucky enough to be reading this you might want to jump at this offer by visiting

For those who might bemoan this alteration, know that the garden level and especially the kitchen have gone through many changes throughout the years and offer very little that is recognizable from Houdini's time. So this is not a bad place to make a change and bring some modern confront into Houdini's 278.



  1. Thanks John! I've never seen that HH photo at 278.

  2. Thanks for the info, John. I hope to be a proud owner of a brick!

  3. Hopefully it's been tested for asbestos. Wouldn't want anyone to get sick from these loving restorations. Glad the owners are taking care of it. Mr. H. would be proud.

  4. The owner's have launched a new page that makes ordering a brick a snap. I've updated the story. You can also CLICK HERE.