Tuesday, March 17, 2020

'Houdini: The Elusive American' released today

Today sees the release of Houdini: The Elusive American by Adam Begley. The book is part of the Jewish Lives series from Yale University Press. I didn't receive a review copy of this one, so I will be buying it and reviewing it in due time. But I'm always excited when we get a new work of Houdini non-fiction. Below is the book's trailer.

You can purchase Houdini: The Elusive American at Amazon.com and pre-order at Amazon.co.uk (UK release date May 12).



  1. It did get a review:


  2. I now have the book and I'm breezing through it. I'm pleasantly surprised. Very well written and solid biography that brings a lot of things up to date. My early assessment is this is a gem.

    1. Who is this book for? HH newbies? It seems like a book for entry level Houdini fans or a student working on a project.

    2. Yeah, I say it's an entry level biography for anyone curious about the life of Houdini. I think the series, Jewish Lives, is all about providing such bios. But this is not a rush job. Begley did his research and he's a good writer. I'll do a full review when I've finished.