Monday, November 30, 2020

Hardeen will not be outdone

Recently several original Houdini photos have sold on eBay for high prices, as one might expect. But now Hardeen is getting in on the act. This dynamite image of Dash sold yesterday on eBay for $860. That beat the prices of the Houdini pics! How 'bout that?

The back of this photo is stamped Brown Brothers and reads: "Hardeen, The Handcuff Mystery - New York Theater - week of Dec. 23." This was Hardeen's New York debut in 1907, which you can read more about HERE. A great photo and nice piece of Hardeen history. Congrats to the winner.

Thanks to Kevin Connolly for the alert.


  1. He's still baby faced in this photo. Hardeen's face kept changing every decade. He looked cherubic in the early 1900's.