Friday, November 13, 2020

Houdini happenings at the first virtual Yankee Gathering

This weekend sees the first virtual "Yankee Gathering" from the New England Magic Collectors Association (NEMCA). Houdini will be part of the annual conference with four Houdini-centric presentations (details below). So if you're like me and have never been able to attend one of these storied Gatherings, here's your chance to do it from home! 

Saturday 14 Nov 
10:30 AM EST / 7:30 AM PST 
Lecture #2: Houdini Deltiology 
Kevin and Susan Connolly, Houdini Collector/Historian 
Deltiology is defined as the hobby of collecting postcards, especially picture postcards Like most collectors, Kevin collects items that he enjoys. This was his initial incentive to start collecting postcards. Kevin's presentation will focus on his Houdini-related postcard collection which he has compiled over many years. He hopes that you enjoy viewing them as much as he has enjoyed collecting them. 

Saturday 14 Nov 
1:55 PM EST / 10:55 AM PST 
Lecture #6: Dazzled By Diamonds: Evanion and Houdini 
Jim Hagy, Magic Historian/Author 
Of the many legends concerning collections of conjuring material, none may be as renowned as the acquisition by Harry Houdini of playbills and ephemera from Henry Evanion. Houdini’s published recollections told only a small part of Evanion’s story as Harry unquestionably knew it. This presentation, based on the upcoming new and enlarged edition of Jim Hagy’s groundbreaking 1985 Early English Conjuring Collectors, will trace how Evanion fits into the Houdini narrative, the Evanion legend crafted by Houdini himself, and the broader reality of the life, performing career, and collecting habits of Evanion and fellow magician, collector, and friend, James Savren. 

Saturday 14 Nov 
3:20 PM  EST / 12:20 PM PST 
Gallery of Collections #2: Arthur Moses shares his Houdini Collection with a Video Tour 
Arthur Moses, Houdini Collector/Historian 
Harry Houdini became famous for his stage illusions: vanishing an elephant, walking through a brick wall, metamorphosis, escaping from a milk can, and of course the water torture cell. Can you hold your breath for four minutes; Houdini could. He was fearless to accept the unknown and belief in his own abilities to overcome: ''my brain is the key that sets me free'' was his favorite truism. A magician – an escape artist – a silent movie actor – first man to fly a plane in Australia (1910) – spiritualism debunker – basically one tough fella! Here was an amazing individual who defied all to try to bind him with ropes or chains or handcuffs or straitjackets or in wooden boxes ---he never lost a challenge to escape or to let his audiences down. 
Sunday 15 Nov 
3:20 PM EST / 12:20 PM PST
Special Bonus Presentation - Houdini's Blooming Rose Bush
Take a step back in time and enjoy a candid conversation between Ray Goulet and Charlie Cambra. Charlie and Ray talk about the history of the apparatus, how Charlie came into possession of it and ultimately how it was passed on to Ray’s Mini Museum of Magic in Watertown, MA. They also discuss the inner workings of piece by breaking it down and then ultimately setting it up and walking through a presentation of the piece. It is something amazing and has to been seen!!!

For more information, including the full schedule, visit the official Yankee Gathering 2020 website. All presentations will remain available for viewing until November 22, 2020. 

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  1. I love that illustration of Kellar and that other fellow toasting and drinking their wine. Hagy's expanded edition is a must have for me. It was Evanion who got HH started with his magic collection in the early 1900s. The Evanion material was the core of Houdini's collection.