Saturday, November 7, 2020

Growing Up With Houdini by David J. Muller

David Muller, son of the late Henry Muller, has written a new book called Growing Up With Houdini. It's a wonderful work that tells the story of the Muller family and, of course, his father's Houdini Magical Hall of Fame. 

The first part of the book relates the incredible story of how the Muller family fled the Nazis and their native Slovakia to settle in Niagara Falls, Canada, where they established a successful meat selling business. The book then covers in detail the founding and formation of the Houdini Magical Hall of Fame in 1968, along with many photographs and documents. A true highlight is a reproduction of the original inventory of artifacts in the Dunninger collection that made up the bulk of the museum. David also shares a wild early connection between the museum and Doug Henning.

David is taking a unique and generous approach in offering this book. It is not for sale. David gives them away and in exchange asks people to give a donation to their favorite charity in his father's memory.

You can contact David Muller via the website:


  1. Having visited the Houdini Magical Hall of Fame in 1980, I was honored to have a received a copy from David. The many documents and photographs (including the WTC) are truly amazing. And the story of how his father found out and ultimately purchased the Houdini collection is fascinating. Love it!

  2. Cannot wait to read the book! For anyone who didn't get to see the museum, I videotaped most of the interior (when I was 11, so please be kind). The year before it burned down:

  3. Nice video OT! The photo of the front entrance reminds me of the photo of Randi's suspended straitjacket escape at the opening of the museum.

  4. I received the book yesterday. The stories are great and it has a lot of interesting information for the Houdini enthusiast. Thank you so much David!