Wednesday, October 20, 2021

"To be burnt and destroyed upon his death"

No post today as I prepare my presentation of "Houdini Lost and Found" at 7pm EST (4pm PST), part of the 2021 American Museums of Magic Speaker Series. I'll be sharing images and stories about surviving Houdini apparatus that, happily, were not "burnt and destroyed" after Hardeen's death. And I guarantee at least one thing you've never seen before (courtesy our friends at 278). Hope you can join us. It's not too late to resister HERE.


  1. To be burnt and destroyed upon his death...HH still giving Hardeen orders from The Beyond. It was a good thing Hardeen realized the importance of the remaining stuff.

    1. That was a great lecture last night! Beautiful! We know Copperfield and the American Museum each have a genuine Houdini Milk Can. Are there any more out there? Are these the only two in existence?

      I think there's one photo of HH standing on the front porch of 278. I believe it's a spirit photograph and he's wearing a fedora hat and winter coat. It's published in one of the HH books. Will have to look for it.

    2. Thanks Leo! So glad you were there. It was fun.

      Think I know the pic you are talking about. It's on page 133 of Pictorial Life. While the double doors behind HH look like 278, you can see from the surroundings that it isn't. I think it might be one of the pics of him in Washington DC.

  2. Darn! I'm going to check that photo. Thanks for the source! The doors behind him look like 278.

  3. HH supposedly made plaster casts of his hands. Gresham noted in his bio that an excited HH showed it to Dunninger.