Friday, October 15, 2021

Watch Posterfix restore Houdini posters

This fascinating video from Posterfix in New York shows their full restoration of a Houdini Master Mystery 1-sheet poster. I might have argued to leave the poster fragment as-is until I saw the final product. Pretty amazing. The video also shows the restoration of a Master Mystery lobby card and three Houdini handbills from 1902.

Posterfix also took on the task of restoring five Houdini window cards from the recent find in Warwick, Rhode Island. One of those restored cards sold last month in a Potter & Potter auction. That video below.

Thanks to Michael Mitnick for the alert.


  1. Wow, impressive and quite enlightening! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great work, but every time he mispronounced something ("Automaton," "Melies," I wanted to yell at him.

  3. I did learn something from the window cards video that I hadn't noticed before. A small number of the white cards also had the Oct. 4 paste over headers. But on those it reads BEGINNING Oct. 4 instead of COMMENCING Oct. 4 as on the yellow cards. I looked back on all the pics I have from the Warwick find and, sure enough, the white card paste overs are different. Curious.