Monday, January 3, 2022

Joe Notaro publishes Houdini's The Zanetti Mystery

Here's the first major Houdini event of 2022! 

Joe Notaro of Harry Houdini Circumstantial Evidence has published Houdini's lost novella, The Zanetti Mystery. This longest and his least known work of Houdini fiction was serialized in newspapers beginning in December 1925. It's likely it would have been published as a complete book, but Houdini's death prevented this.

Joe recently tracked down all eight serial installments, complete with the original illustrations by Edmund Fredrick, and has taken on the noble task of releasing the book in its complete form for the first time. Joe has also includes an essay about who may have ghostwritten this story, along with photos and rare clippings. 

While technically a 2022 publication, Joe made the book available on Christmas day to mark the 10th anniversary of his blog.

The publication of The Zanetti Mystery is a significant and exciting moment in Houdini history. So get in on that history and grab a copy at and

Congratulations and thank you Joe!

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  1. Thank you John for the kind words and writing the foreword to it. The book is dedicated “To all the Houdini Nuts” and couldn’t have come to fruition without the support of you, Patrick Culliton, Tim King, Arthur Moses and my copy editor Desiree Wong.