Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Salem's "Houdini Way" mural

Last year came news that the City of Salem, Massachusetts, would rename Front Street "Houdini Way" in honor of Houdini's jailbreak from the Front Street police station on April 16, 1906. As you can see below, the name now appears on a concrete barrier that extends across the passage. This image comes from Mink Creative Studio who created the mural.

UPDATE: The good folks at Mink Studio inform me that this barrier was erected in October just for the busy tourist season. So it's likely no longer there. But let's hope it reappears this year as it was a popular spot for photo ops. Even among Salem's witches!

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  1. Are those two old red brick buildings the police station? Is the station still there? The jail in the station might still be original.