Saturday, January 22, 2022

Margery & Houdini: Part Two - Phantoms or Frauds?

The Snake's Paw has produced a 4-part audio drama about Houdini and Margery written by Matthew Morris and Andrew Farrier with help from Jack Townsend. Houdini is voiced by Harmon Gunston and Margery is voiced by Helen Jaksch. Below is the second installment: Phantoms or Frauds?

Based on true events, Margery & Houdini relates how the most mystifying medium of her day and the most famous escape artist of all time came to meet each other - and how each struggled to prove the other wrong.

In Part Two, Houdini announces his crusade against the fraudulent mediums of the world and gets pushback from an old friend, who thinks a spiritual reunion with Houdini’s mother might be just the thing to change his mind.

I will post Part Three next week. But if you can't wait, know you can listen to all four parts now at The Snake's Paw YouTube channel. They also have the entire series in one 2-hour clip HERE. You can support The Snake's Paw with a donation on Ko-fi.

Thanks to Jonathan Fells in Wales for the tip.

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