Monday, November 14, 2022

'Houdini Family Night Out' in Appleton

Here's a fun one from Houdini's home town of Appleton, Wisconsin. This Wednesday, November 16, between 4-7pm, if you mention "Houdini" at McDonald's on Northland Avenue, a percentage of your sale will be donated to the local elementary school named, you guessed it, Houdini Elementary! It's called "Houdini Family Night Out" and you can find more details HERE.

There will be more Houdini Family Nights Out at Noodles & Company in Appleton on November 28 and Badger Sports Park on February 16, 2023.

Here's a photo that purports to be Houdini himself as an Appleton schoolboy.

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  1. If that is Ehrich Weiss in the photo, then it is probably from 1882 (when he was 8 years old) as opposed to 1883 since the Weiss family moved to Milwaukee, WI, in December 1882.