Sunday, November 6, 2022

Wild about podcasts

Over the Halloween weekend I had the pleasure of being a guest on two excellent podcasts, The Fantastic Story Society with of our friend Scott Markus and Max Timm and Daily Detroit with Jer Staes. These were good fun.

Scott also gave me a nice write-up on the "What's you ghost story? website HERE. I'm proud to be member #32 of The Fantastic Story Society.


  1. Great podcasts! Thanks for the links. The hosts were great and didn't hog the airtime. Nothing better than relaxing after dinner and listening to John discuss Houdini.

    1. Thank you Leo. I appreciate that. Man, I'm talking way too fast in the fantastic story podcast! Too much coffee, I guess. I'll have to watch that. I might be doing more with Jer at Daily Detroit.

    2. Nah you did fine on both podcasts. I love how the host from Detroit gave the real low down on when the river actually freezes. I didn't know the Belle Island Bridge jump was Houdini's first jump.

    3. His first in America unless we count the Boudini challenge in 1905, which wasn't really a bridge jump per se.

      Some bios say his first bridge jump was in Germany, but I'm still looking for evidence of that. He announced that he would jump from the Eads Bridge in St. Louis in 1899, but it doesn't appear that he did so. So, at the moment, Belle is the first verifiable jump.