Monday, November 21, 2022

Paul Daniels Water Torture Cell

Last night's Magic Collectors' Corner was devoted to English magician Paul Daniels. It was an excellent show featuring Paul's wife and assistant Debbie. Paul and Debbie had a long running television show in the UK in the 1980s. 

If you watched last night's Collectors' Corner you might have noticed a photo of a Water Torture Cell among the effects Paul featured on the show. I thought you like to see the escape itself. Paul explains that they took pains to reproduce Houdini's real cell as closely as possible, and it looks darn good! Paul's son Martin performs the escape. Enjoy.

However, Paul's true masterpiece was his Iron Maiden Escape during his Halloween Special in 1987. For best quality, I've embedded the full show below queued up to the final escape at 30:42. Be sure and watch the entire thing as the end is unforgettable.

This week some of Paul's effects and memorabilia will be auctioned via SAS in the UK. You can view the lots HERE.

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