Tuesday, November 8, 2022

'Houdini March Two-Step' sheet music (update)

This 1906 sheet music entitled HOUDINI March Two-Step For Piano by Harrie A. Peck recently sold on eBay for $285. This was published by the White-Smith Music Co. and on the first page is written: "Dedicated by permission to Mr. Harry Houdini."

There is a photo of this sheet music in the Ken Silverman book, Houdini!!! The Career of Ehrich Weiss, credited to the Morris Young Collection. But I don't recall ever seeing one for sale and I've never seen it in color. It's a beauty and really speaks to Houdinimania of the day (I can see this selling in Boston). I'd love to hear the tune itself.

Thanks to Kevin Connolly at the Conjuring History Facebook group for the find.

UPDATE: Here's the winner of this mega rarity; the mighty Arthur Moses! Says Arthur, "Been looking for that for 20+ years."


  1. It probably sounded like this 1911 two step march:


  2. Will Arthur find a piano player to play this this tune for us?