Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Houdini and the strange

Houdini’s name surfaces in the news quite often. Typically it’s too minor a mention to warrant a full story, but lately there has been a wave of news just strange enough to note. Maybe we’ll even make this an occasional feature. Here’s your first sampling of “Houdini and the strange.”

  • Franklin County authorities say a burglar claiming to be Jesus Christ and Elvis Presley will undergo a mental evaluation. When he was arrested, the man claimed he was the grandson of Harry Houdini and that he could escape from anywhere. (AL.com) - Grandson? Why not Harry himself?
  • Long Beach City College is cracking down on wild rabbits on campus. Spearheading the task force is Jacque Olson who said there's one rabbit she'd particularly like to catch, a white male named Houdini. Houdini, she said, regularly comes around to check on a few captured females from his harem. As soon as he's discovered, he's gone in a flash. "We've tried to get him but he always escapes," she said. "He's a smart one." (TMC News) - I'm on Team Houdini.
  • An Ipswich magician and escape artist who goes by the name Franky Houdini has been accused of making a pornographic movie with an underage girl. (OT) - Good luck getting out of this one, "Houdini."

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