Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dixie Dooley writes Houdini fiction

Las Vegas magician and Houdini collector Dixie Dooley is dipping his wand into the world of Houdini fiction with a new book, From Death He Departs. The novella was released on April 3, 2013. Here's the description on Amazon:

The great Mystifier Houdini, claimed if there was anyway to come back from death he would find it! In this exciting story, Houdini travels through time and finds a way back, only to realize he's come back in a whole different world from which he lived. With very few of the people he knew remaining alive, and unfortunately, one of them is his arch enemy. He has waited for Houdini's return, so that he might murder him and send him to a hell in which he can never return! It's an exciting fictional book, that really makes you think, WHAT IF? What if you could return after dying? Would you really want to? I hope you enjoy this book and will check out all my other books and new releases!

You can purchase From Death He Departs by Dixie Dooley at Dixie's non-fiction work, Houdini-Question Reality, is also still available.

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