Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Houdini: the untrue story

We've had Houdini biographies, poetry, plays, self-help, erotica, psychological analysis and every form of fiction, but I believe this is the first comedic take on the Houdini story. Get ready for The LIEography of Harry Houdini: The Absolutely Untrue, Totally Made Up, 100% Fake Life Story of the World's Greatest Escape Artist by Alan Katz with illustrations by Joey Ahlbum. Here's the description from Amazon:

Fans of 'Captain Underpants' and the Wimpy Kid series will love the silly, slapstick comedy in the parody 'The LIEography of Harry Houdini'. Get ready to split a side and roll on the floor laughing with Alan Katz's satirical look at history's greatest escape artist.
Magic is magical. And humor is humorous. Put them together and what have you got? Nothing… unless you read 'The LIEography of Harry Houdini'. And when you do, you’ll be giggling and laughing faster than you can say, “Presto Chango!” Readers everywhere agree: this is the funniest book ever written with this title!

You have to say “The Great” Harry Houdini. You have to. Really. It’s just the way it is. Because if you do leave out “The Great” when talking about him, strange things happen. Seems mystical, almost crazy, to be sure. But recent history shows that if you don’t add “The Great” to his name, you might have trouble talking, or even typing.
Find out what else didn't happen in 'The LIEography of Harry Houdini!'

The LIEography of Harry Houdini is available for the Kindle from Amazon.com. The LIEogpahy series, which also includes Thomas Edison and Babe Ruth, is only available as eBooks.

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