Monday, April 8, 2013

Wild About Fantasma

I'm pleased to announce that WILD ABOUT HARRY is now an affiliate of Fantasma Magic. Fantasma is the world's leading manufacture of magic and home to the spectacular new Houdini Museum of New York which showcases authentic Houdini rarities from the collection of Roger Dreyer.

You'll notice in my sidebar there is now a link to Fantasma with special Houdini Museum of New York artwork. When you enter Fantasma via that link (or any link in this post), WILD ABOUT HARRY gets a little percentage of the sale. It's a great way to get some essential magic and Houdini needs while also helping (enabling?) my own madness.

So click on over to Fantasma and maybe grab the special box set edition of the Kalush book; a Carl Williams Houdini Wand (only 1 left); Fantasma's special Houdini Bundle; or even a straight-jacket (never can tell when one might come in handy). Fantasma also has a limited number of true Houdini collectibles, such as an original signed lettergram.

Thanks as always to everyone for your continued support of this blog, and thanks to Fantasma Magic for allowing us to join their team of affiliates.

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