Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July 2019 in review

Here's a rundown of posts by category that appeared on WILD ABOUT HARRY in July.

Most Viewed Post
Pat Culliton and I found Bess Houdini's heroes

Houdini History
Checking up on the Examiner
James Randi on his Shelton pool test
Mystifying man in St. Louis
Houdini in Atlanta
Houdini aged
Houdini breaks out in America (tomorrow)
Houdini in 1906
Houdini goes into the Hamburger box
"For a minute the air was full of flying bracelets"

Arte Johnson dies at 90
'Inescapable' extends in Atlanta, next stop Milwaukee
Appleton plans to bring Houdini sculpture back into public view

'Houdini's Trunk' with David London in Baltimore
Houdini and I call "Action" at The Breman Museum
'Pulling Back the Veil in Search of Cecelia' at The Breman Museum

Barry Spector's latest 278 wood lath creation
Life-like Houdini silicone bust by Arturo Balseiro

Hungarian Kalush
'Before Houdini' by Jeremy Holt released
Joe Posnanski launches his Houdini newsletter

Movies & Music
Musicians remain wild about Harry
Penn talks magic in movies, including Houdini (1953)

Mystifier File
Mystifier, Third Quarter 1998

LINK: Houdini Is Alive
LINK: Ottawa organ linked to famed magician Harry Houdini

June 2019 in review

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