Friday, July 19, 2019

Houdini aged

If you're on social media you've no doubt encountered FaceApp (which may or may not be a Russian plot). People have been using the photo filtering app to see what they'll look like when old. I'm in no rush to see my older self, but I've always been curious what Houdini would have looked like had he lived to old age. So I took a photo from 1926 and ran it through the app. Here's old Harry. I think he looks great!

If you're curious, here's the original pic. This was taken during his trip to testify in Washington D.C. in May 1926.



  1. This rather reminds me of Kellar in his later years! (more hair though)

  2. It's so sad he didn't live longer. It's a tad creepy because on Aug. 8 this year, I'll be as old as he was when he died: 52 years, 221 days (about 52 years, 7 months, 7 days). And here are some dates for a bit of Houdini fun:


    • Conceived around June 24, 1873
    • Fetus from Aug. 1873–March 1874
    • Born March 24, 1874
    • Died Oct. 31, 1926
    • Age at death: 52 years, 221 days (about 52 years, 7 months, 7 days)
    • Age from conception to death: 53 years, 129 days (about 53 years, 4 mo, 7 days)