Saturday, February 15, 2020

LINK: 'Houdini Cliff' found in the Palisades

Sean Doran of The Mysteriarch is back with another spectacular find! This time Sean, with the help of the good folks at the Palisades Interstate Park and Barrymore Film Center/Fort Lee Film Commission, has tracked down the location of Houdini's cliff battle in The Man From Beyond. Sean explains:

"I originally set out to locate this setpiece along the Niagara gorge area and Devils Hole State Park in Niagara Falls, NY, but quickly realized the geography and river backdrop was not accurate to that shown during the scene in the film. After a few days of online research, I turned to the other known filming locations of 'The Man From Beyond', specifically Fort Lee, New Jersey."

Sean shares some great photos of the site today, which is still very recognizable. So what are you doing here? Click the headline and get a cliff full at The Mysteriarch!



  1. Kudos to Sean and those public park guys for helping him. The stones haven't changed much. Rain and wind erosion takes its toll on rocks. The greenery around the area hasn't changed a lot either. I've seen photos of Hollywood film sites forty and fifty years later and you couldn't recognize the location cuz the surrounding greenery changed considerably.

  2. Super cool! Thanks for sharing Sean's ingenious sleuthing!

  3. In the UnLocked Books Culliton pointed out the safety wire in that cliff hanging photo.

    1. Whoa! I need to get my hands on on 'Houdini Unlocked' one of these days. I was wondering if that was a safety wire/cable in that pic as well. I just took another look at the behind the scenes video clip John posted awhile back, and you can see someone in the far right of the frame who looks like is working a winch or crank as HH is pulled up! It's at the 43 second mark in the video. Very cool!