Thursday, January 16, 2020

Sean Doran is searching for Houdini at Niagara Falls

Here's something exciting. Sean Doran, who attended last year's Official Houdini Seance in Niagara Falls (and sent us photos), has decided to take up the task of finding some of the locations for Houdini's 1922 film The Man From Beyond. And he's off to a great start! Here's what Sean sent me over the holidays:

"I had a bit of time yesterday to stomp around The Falls in balmy 34 degree sleeting weather. I originally set out in search for the shots of the rapids shown in the movie, but some of the trails I wanted to hit were closed for the season. Dejected, I wandered back to one of my favorite spots to take in a view Of the falls all by myself as no one else was there. Standing in the cold rain, I looked to my right and hen it hit me, this looks like the spot of the crew photo!"
Click to see the reveal.

I would say he found it!

The area is part of Prospect Point Park. Some of the point fell victim to erosion and a spectacular landslide in 1954 (caught on film). But it appears the Houdini location survived and is there just waiting for us to take a new group shot!

Sean has now created a website, THE MYSTERIARCH (great name), where he will be sharing his findings and research adventures. I just love "Houdini archeology" and I can't wait to see what he discovers next.

Thanks Sean.

UPDATE: You can now read Sean's own report with additional pics HERE.



  1. Thanks John! Can't wait to get this project rolling. Just need this weather up here to break! Stay tuned!

    1. You've already hit a home run as far as I'm concerned! I've often wondered if this spot was still around.

  2. Would love to be part of that group shot. Loved seeing it when it was first shared and am loving it even more now. Peering into the known and unknown locations of Houdini’s performances, films and lectures is an excellent premise for a blog. Can’t wait to see more of the Mysteriarch.

    1. A huge missed opportunity for the seance group. But we'll get one day and Sean will help us do it right. :)

  3. Heads up that Sean's site is temporarily down, but will be coming back soon with the new URL