Sunday, October 4, 2020

Houdini Museum of NY is moving to New Jersey

The Houdini Museum of New York and Fantasma Magic are moving to New Jersey. Owner Roger Dreyer just posted the news on his Facebook:

After 19 years in NYC, Fantasma Magic and our Houdini Museum of NY are moving to New Jersey. We will be open thru mid October. All our magic items are over 50 to 80 percent off. If you're a friend mention this post and you will receive a nice surprise. We are not closing our business but will continue. We hope to return to NYC one day to an even larger venue. Thanks for all the amazing memories. Why do we have a museum and magic shop? It’s simple. To share the beautiful art and inspire others as well as empower the youth. We did that and more with your resupport! Now on with the show!

For those in the area who haven't yet seen the museum, I would encourage you to mask up and check it out asap!


  1. Hi, Where in New Jersey will it be moving to?

    1. Roger said the Wayne area on FB. Nothing more specific.

    2. Thanks John. Wayne is ten minutes away from where I live! Really cool to have Houdini items right in my area. Wish I could see the Copperfield collection.