Friday, October 2, 2020

The Curious Life and Death of...Houdini, Sunday

Houdini is the subject of the Smithsonian Channel's new series The Curious Life and Death of... this Sunday at 9PM. The show is hosted by Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris. The promo below gives a taste of what to expect.

I'll hold my opinion until after I see the show, but I am disappointed to see the focus on the murder theory, which has been done to death! But host Lindsey Fitzharris looks ready for business.

The Curious Life and Death of... airs on the Smithsonian Channel. If you don't have cable you can stream episodes the following day at HULU, iTunes, and Amazon Prime.


  1. Not that anyone’s asked, for the record I was never in favor of exhuming Harry Houdini. That Houdini is poisoned was an interesting supposition, I suppose, but one I was unfamiliar with until I heard about it from Larry Sloman and then read about it in his book with Bill Kalush.

    The Smithsonian show reports that I "petitioned" to have Houdini exhumed. I didn’t. I emailed Lindsey, who is delightful, to let her know that. Unfortunately, the show's producers neglected to check with me to fact-check that nugget. Actually, I didn't know I'd be mentioned in the show. Because Lindsey also reports "other relatives blocked Hardeen's request," I asked how they did that when I didn't make such a request.

    When Larry and Bill were announcing their book in 2007, which I enjoyed, and reporters called me, only one asked me specifically if I supported exhumation – a student reporter in New York. I said no. Still don’t. As a reporter myself, it was the one question I was waiting for and expected. The rule we went by when I was reporting is, “If you mother tells you she loves you, check it out.”

    So Uncle Harry, rest easy! George Hardeen

  2. Typo correction... That Houdini was poisoned...