Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Transatlantic History Ramblings gets spooky

Recently had the pleasure of returning to the Transatlantic History Ramblings podcast hosted by Lauren Davies in Wales and Brian Young in Buffalo. This time I was part of a Halloween roundtable discussion that included Kurt from the excellent The Strange Sessions podcast and UK Ghost Hunter Neil Storey.

While my role was to talk about Houdini and represent the more skeptical take on things, I somehow ended up providing a ghost story that seemed to spook the spook chasers! It's not Houdini related. It has to do with the famous Amityville Horror house in New York. The video, which we discuss during the podcast, tells the story.

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  1. James Randi told me a lovely story about the Amityville Horror house. Shortly after the premiered, a magazine sent him out to take a look at it. When the driver pulled up to his hotel on the appointed morning, he saw that the magazine had also sent a psychic to get her impressions as well. I don't remember whether Randi had been told she'd be coming along. Regardless, Randi said that on the way to the house the psychic kept warning him that when there were spirits around she sometimes reacted quite physically. Their car pulled up to the house, and no sooner had they stepped out than the woman started swaying and moaning, crying "They're here! I feel their presence!" Randi said that only a few moments passed before a man came out of the front door, noticed the woman, and said, "Oh. You must be looking for the Amityville Horror house. It's two blocks down on the left."

    1. Hahaha! Awesome story. I've never heard that. Thank you. :)