Friday, January 15, 2021

Go inside Houdini's 278 via Facebook Live

Andrew Basso's chat today with 278 homeowner Vincent T. was an enormous treat for Houdini fans! We got a great look inside magic's most famous residence, and I think everyone can see for themselves that Houdini's house is in good hands. You can rewatch the stream via the link below.

Can you believe that Vincent and his wife met at Sojourn, which in 1887 was Mrs. Loeffler's boarding house where the Weiss family first lived when they arrived in New York? From Houdini's first home to his last. Now that's wild!


  1. The parlor floor library in the back is now a dining room and greenhouse for the potted plants. Hard to imagine it was once overflowing with books.

    1. That greenhouse was a bit of mystery room. Fred had turned it into a bathroom. But when they took that out, they discovered the original tiling and evidence that it was a "wet room" of some kind. We're thinking this was Leo's operating room.

  2. Wow, sorry I missed seeing it live, but so glad I could rewatch it at the link provided, thank you! On November 2, 2018, John Cox made arrangements with the new owners for Fred Pittella and I to get a sneak-peak at the restoration work being done. We got to explore this amazing place inside and out and top (roof) to bottom (basement); Thank You to John and the new owners for making this dream come true. Can’t wait for more Facebook Live events on 278.