Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Scottish Rite Journal reveals Houdini the Mason

The January-February 2021 issue of Scottish Rite Journal, a magazine devoted to Freemasonry, has a cover story about Houdini's involvement with the Order. "The Sorcerer's Entered Apprentice" is written by Maynard Edwards and is well researched.

I'm not sure where one gets Scottish Rite Journal, but you can read the issue in full at the Scottish Rite website. Just keep it secret!


  1. A well written article! According to the writer near the end of the article, HH performed a charity benefit show in 1926 for a crowd of 4,000 at a Scottish cathedral. Not in the 1926 Chronology.

    1. Hmmm...looks like I don't have a date for that. :(

    2. You might remember this post where you mentioned that Scottish cathedral performance for 4,000. I can't find the date on the web so far:

    3. Yeah, I suspect the author of this article and I are both sourcing the Mill Valley website, which I believe is sourcing the Knights Templer article from 1988. Still need a precise date and to confirm that it actually happened.

  2. Well written with some errors in dating but I understand. The new info comes on the last page with Houdini's name being listed in the Mason Book for swearing in and accepted as a member. Also, the "Invisible Lodge" is mentioned. At a past SAM Annual Convention, the above lodge was holding a meeting and asked me to join to become a member. However, I did not join due to my Judaic principles. The above issue Jan/Feb. issue also, discusses the Kabbalistic tree with its eminations which defines "what we as Jews strive to live up to." An article "hidden" within an article. Like to get a copy of this journal. Benjilini



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