Friday, April 22, 2011

Houdini challenges Christianity?

Escape artist Norman Bigelow has a history of writing controversial works about Houdini, most famously his 1983 self-published booklet, Death Blow, which came down strongly in favor of the idea that Houdini was murdered.

Now, via his new blog, ESCAPE ARTIST SPEAKS OUT, Norm has posted his first Houdini entry: Houdini Challenges Christianity. Not sure I completely understand it -- and I'm taking no position myself -- but it's something I've never read before and I'm happy to see Mr. Bigelow is still in the game and stirring the pot (on this Good Friday).

Have a read for yourself at Norman Bigelow's ESCAPE ARTIST SPEAKS OUT, and feel free to comment below.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, this has generated a little controversy on The Magic Cafe forums.


  1. (eats hot cross bun and says nothing ... for a change)

  2. I dont see any proof here. Houdini stated that he had no issues with religon...just those who deceive and hurt others under the guise of spiritulism. Its important that opinions are backed by facts.

    1. That's not completely accurate. He said he has no issue with people who "genuinely believe in spiritualism or an other religion". That doesn't mean he did not have problems with the belief systems themselves.

  3. ? I never got the sense that Houdini was anti-religion. The sense I got was that he thought religion was o.k., even Spiritualism was fine, but fraudulent mediums were not. And I thought he remained an Orthodox Jew to his dying day?

  4. Norm is a few fries short of a happy meal!

  5. Here is what Houdini himself said on the topic. His exact words, word for word.

    So Norm is misstating Houdini's (public) position. It appears to me he is extrapolating to make a larger point (his point) about religion and superstition. Think we need to see some evidence that Houdini held these larger ideas to take this all that seriously. For now, what we have are Houdini words and the historical record.

    But it's a provocative discussion, and Norm has always been controversial. And, remember, Houdini was working on a book at the time of his death with HP Lovecraft called The Cancer of Superstition, which Bessie cancelled for reasons unknown.

  6. There is a huge difference between being controversial with made up ideas and being controversial based on new research. Norman does not provide any evidence that what he says is true. Just because a priest hated Houdini means nothing. Just because you think it could be true does not mean in actuality it is true.

  7. That whooshing sound was me running out of the room to go and check out the aforementioned controversy.

  8. I published the proof in The Original Houdini Murder Theory. Houdini in his own words calls the Bible a work of deception and no one ever published this article before. I also published another article on his belief in reincarnation which has never been publish before and I could be sitting on other information.