Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Arthur Moses shares his Houdini Room

Here’s a real treat. This is a guided video tour of the amazing Arthur Moses Houdini collection in Fort Worth, Texas.

Arthur is one of the foremost Houdini collectors in the world, a major contributor to the current exhibition, Houdini Art And Magic (on show now at the Jewish Museum in New York), and the author of Houdini A Periodical Bibliography and Houdini Speaks Out, which utilizes Houdini’s original glass lantern slides (seen in the clip) to recreate his anti-spiritualist lecture. He's also a very nice guy.

Prepare to drool.

You can read an interview with Arthur at The Jewish Museum Blog.


  1. Someday I hope to worship inside that beautiful temple. :)

  2. Don't forget to pack me when you go!

  3. I plan on going UP to the MC tonight to see the shows, maybe you will make it?

  4. Can't tonight my friend, but I'll be going to the "Classic Correspondence from Egyptian Hall Museum" event on Sunday. 8:00. See you there?

  5. I'll be here, admiring you all from afar! D:

  6. Arthur is genuinely one of the most generous and nicest people I have ever met. I am privileged to have been his friend since I was a young little wizard. I also had the great honor of perusing his collection again this past weekend... it is truly spectacular, not only in its content, but in how well it is displayed and cared for. It's a great solace that these items are in the right hands so that future generations will be able to appreciate them as much as we do.