Monday, November 1, 2010

'Houdini The Key' spills the secret of a second Water Torture Cell

Hardeen presents Sid Radner with the USD in 1943

In his new book, Houdini The Key, Patrick Culliton not only reveals the method by which Houdini escaped his famous Chinese Water Torture Cell, but he also reveals an even more intriguing “secret.”

There were TWO cells.

According to the book, shortly after Sid Radner purchased the cell from Hardeen in 1943, Hardeen asked him what spare parts he had as he was trying to reconstruct the second cell. This second cell (a backup -- Houdini always had backups, notes Patrick) was never rebuilt and “the remains of it weathered and finally died in the backyard of John and Marie Hinson.” What a loss!

Two years in the making, Houdini The Key reveals Houdini’s secrets, techniques, patter, and performances. The book is 460 pages, fully illustrated, and is be limited to 278 signed and numbered copies.

You can purchase Houdini The Key for $195 + $12 shipping. 

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