Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unseen Houdini poster appears at New York exhibition

Here is something exciting. This gorgeous Houdini lithograph, credited as coming from the Harvard Theatre Collection in Cambridge Massachusetts, is the FIRST look at this image for many Houdini aficionados, including myself.

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This poster appears to be an advertisement for Houdini’s spirit lecture and is the first such poster I’ve ever seen for these talks.

This beautiful image is featured at the new exhibition, Houdini: Art and Magic, which is on now at The Jewish Museum in New York City. It is the first major art museum exhibition to examine Houdini’s life, legend, and enduring cultural influence.

This poster also appears in the well-done companion book for Houdini Art And Magic currently available on Amazon.com.

UPDATE: This poster can be reliably dated as 1924.

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