Sunday, February 10, 2013

Arthur Moses posts transcripts of his full Houdini voice recordings

Arthur Moses has posted on his website the full unedited transcripts of both Houdini voice recordings in his collection.

As Arthur demonstrated when he played the recordings at last year's Magic Collectors Weekend, the one minute and twenty second version we are all familiar with is actually an edited and greatly shortened combination of both recordings.

While Arthur hasn't posted the audio itself, you can at least read what is a transcript of Houdini's complete and authentic Water Torture Cell patter. You can also see for yourself how the edited version was created.



  1. Wow! Thank You Arthur for sharing the transcripts and setting the record straight.

  2. Thank you, sir. Another golden nugget.
    Cheers Narinder

  3. To me, what's interesting is that Houdini's patter anticipates and addresses spectators' suspicions. He points out that even if the cell weren't locked, he couldn't get out. It doesn't use fake hinges. He can't turn his body right-side up, etc. I think thst's an indication of the pragmatic way he presented his feats.

  4. Hold on.....if you hit the link to the YouTube video of the recordings.....right near the end there is a photo of Houdini in the USD that in all my years I have never seen before! Where did that come from? With Kukol standing in the distance! Are there others that ave been hidden away and never published that anyone is aware of?

    1. Yes, that's a very uncommon shot. I believe I first saw it in one of the Houdini documentaries. Now you can find it on page 224 of the 'Houdini Art and Magic' book.