Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Houdini lives in a 1926 magic shop

One of my favorite web destinations, Decaying Hollywood Mansions, "a fan site dedicated to the decaying, decrepit, crepuscular ruins of Gothic Hollywood & the wild & woolly history of cinema", has posted this terrific photo of what they say is a magic store on Hollywood Blvd in 1926, the year Houdini died. I can't confirm the date and I'm not sure what store this is, but I love this shot for obvious reasons.

CLICK HERE for the source of this photo and pics of Bert Wheeler's famous Hollywood's Magic Shop in the 1940s.

UPDATE: Our friend Chuck Romano has identified this as Thayer Studio of Magic and the man behind the counter as Floyd G. Thayer himself. Thank you Chuck!


  1. was this the same BURT WHEELER from the comedy team Wheeler and Woolsey?

  2. I don't thinks so.

    This Bert Wheeler died in 1946

    The other in 1968

    - Joe P.

  3. That's the Thayer Studio of Magic. Floyd G. Thayer is holding the die box. They were located at 929 So. Longwood Ave., Los Angeles, CA. Thayer made some of the finest conjuring apparatus ever made.

    1. Ah, great, thank you Chuck for identifying this.