Friday, November 27, 2015

More Grim Game locations identified by John Bengtson

The great John Bengtson has identified more shooting locations from Houdini's The Grim Game, notably the location of Houdini's suspended straitjacket escape. Turns out Houdini shot this on the roof of the Harbour Apartments at 612 St. Paul Street in downtown Los Angeles which stood until the 1980s. Finding this wasn't easy, and the methodology John used to uncover this location is a journey in itself. So click below and have a read at the amazing Silent Locations blog:

Today a modern apartment development, The Piero, sits at the site of the Harbour apartments.

Harbour Apartments color image from A Visit to Old Los Angeles by Brent C. Dickerson.



  1. Fantastic! The mystery is finally solved. So glad that TGG was made available so that John Bengtson could identify these locations for us. Nice piece of work, John!

    1. Indeed. I don't think we would have even known where this scene was shot if not for John's work. These location revelations are providing a grand finale to this incredible year of The Grim Game!

  2. I found it a little confusing with array of birds eye photos from different angles. The mystery of the location of that high retaining wall was finally solved for me. The one where HH is hanging backwards and holding on to Ann Forest. I noticed it wasn't in the film and may have been taken for publicity.

    1. I think John does a really good job laying it all out. I love how he clearly marks the landmarks in the photos, etc. Shame we didn't know about this in the 1980s when the apartments where still around.


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