Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Los Angeles Conference on Magic History

For the next three days I will be attending The 14th Los Angeles Conference on Magic History. This is a biennial invitation only event hosted by Mike Caveney, John Gaughan, Jim Steinmeyer and Frankie Glass. This year marks my first time attending the conference and I'm very excited!

The program is not released in advance, so I don't know if there will be any Houdini-related presentations this year (although I happen to know there will be a few interesting Houdini items in the conference museum). But when I go to something like this, I like to use it an opportunity to learn about other magicians.

My plan is to attend each and every talk. I'll have a report later. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces!

UPDATEREPORT: Inside the L.A. Conference on Magic History.



  1. Bout time you got your invitation John, after doing much to preserve magic history for years right here on WAH and in your presentations.

    1. Thanks Leo. Had to pay my dues and wait my turn. Conference is off to a great start.