Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Teller flips the bird on his 2016 holiday card

This is Teller's 2016 Christmas card. I love this because not only is Teller one of my favorite magicians and magic thinkers, but his card provides a nice Houdini fact check. Maybe it's tacky to post a personal Christmas card online, but this one is just too awesome to not share, and I think Teller would be happy to extend his holiday greeting to all Houdini fans. So enjoy.

Click to enlarge.

The card photos are by Mike Jones and W. David Mason. The hawk was wrangled by Civon Gewelber and Dave Kanellis. Houdini scan by Catherine Wallace. Graphic design by T. Gene Hatcher.

Thanks to Tom Ogden.


  1. I remember this photo when it went up on auction, but can't remember which auction. Potter & Potter?

    Now I know the identity of the winner.

    1. It was a Profiles in History auction. I reported on it HERE.

  2. Is this Christmas card available for purchase? It would be the next best thing to having that HH hawk photo.