Monday, July 24, 2017

Museum will search for Nicola's vanishing elephant

Next month The Warren County History Museum in Monmouth, Illinois will us high-tech radar equipment to search for the remains of "Nizzie," the vanishing elephant used by The Great Nicola in the 1930s. The search for Nizzie is part of an early promotion for next year's "The Great Nicola Magic Festival", an event hoping to rekindle interest in the magician and Monmouth resident.

"He was on par with Houdini," says Kellen Henrichsen, executive director of the history museum. "He’s still a big name in the magic community."

During his career, Nicola imitated many of Houdini's signature feats, including the Handcuff Act, Metamorphosis, the Milk Can and, yes, the Vanishing Elephant.

You can read the full article at The Journal Star. It's loaded with annoying pop-ups, but if you can navigate through those, it's a good article with some nice Nicola images.

More information of The Great Nicola Magic Festival can be found HERE.


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